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Janitorial Cleaning Service

(April 15, 2020)  For over 10 years, we have used bleach to disinfect - and we will always do so.  Our mission is to create a beautiful and healthy environment for all of our clients.  When you are ready to have your home or business deep cleaned and disinfected - call  (716)725-5568.

Strategic Cleaning by Anne BBB Business Review

We offer janitorial cleaning service for small to medium sized offices, and various types of facilities such as golf clubs and gyms, with a bit of a twist.  We use the same cleaning standards that we have for our residential clients.  In fact, our cleaners are trained in residential first, before they are placed in a commercial setting.

We believe that if your business is clean and disinfected, you will have happier customers and employees.

We have gotten in the habit with many of our business clients to disinfect phones, keyboards, and door handles.  (With permission)  We literally use a bleach solution to disinfect, as it is our understanding that bleach is the only thing that can remove some of these viruses.

We understand that many viruses can live on an object for over 12 hours, and unfortunately, it is very easy to spread germs.

Our mission is not just to disinfect, but to provide your facility with a pleasant environment.  The facility will look clean, smell clean, and feel clean, and as an added benefit – be so clean it is disinfected!


Office Cleaning Service Options:

We can clean your office weekly, or every day!  We also offer quick cleans for our regular clients that may also serve your needs. 

For example, if your office is cleaned weekly, your office may enjoy a better environment by having us come by two or three times during the week to take out the garbage and spot clean the bathrooms, kitchen and door handles.  We are happy to offer this type of service.



Obtaining a commercial quote for cleaning is very easy.  Call 716-725-5568 and we will set up an appointment to walk through your facility.  A proposal will be submitted detailing everything that will be done for your review. 

If you have a question about our janitorial cleaning service, click here.

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