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House Cleaning Service Policies

(April 15, 2020)  For over 10 years, we have used bleach to disinfect - and we will always do so.  Our mission is to create a beautiful and healthy environment for all of our clients.  When you are ready to have your home or business deep cleaned and disinfected - call  (716)725-5568.

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The house cleaning service policies page will be updated as needed, so please check back periodically.

It's not that we want to have tons of rules and regulations, it's just that we want to make sure we are all on the same page, and that's where this page helps.

House Keys

Effective 8/9/17, we will no longer accept house keys.  If you are a current customer, and we have your key, you will be "grandfathered in" regarding this policy.


Effective 5/1/17, if you skip a scheduled cleaning, and it takes longer than normal to clean your home the next time we are there, we will charge you for the additional time.

Cleaning Frequency

As of 11/12/15, we can no longer accommodate monthly clients.  It's very difficult to schedule monthlies.  We will try to accommodate people that are able to be "random", and not always have the same day.  Of course weekly and every other week clients are easy to keep on a schedule.

New Clients

We will not take on any new clients for any type of job without an on-site consultation. This is as of 3/14/13.


Our policy for our residential clients is to use the homeowners vacuum. There are a variety of reasons for this.

Sometimes, our homeowners have issues with their vacuums. They need to be fixed, they don't work very well, no suction, etc.

When a vacuum does not work well, it greatly impeads our ability to clean your home fast. And you know, the faster we are able to clean your home, the better the price for you.

Therefore, from this point on (9/10/11), if your vacuum is not in good shape and you would like us to bring a vacuum, please give us 24 hours notice, so it is packed with the rest of our supplies.


Payment is at time of the house cleaning service. Checks should be made out to Strategic Cleaning by Anne.   Management reserves the right to charge a late fee if payment is not made as per our agreement.


We understand there may be times when you have a change of plans. We need 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, a $40 cancelation fee will be charged to your account. If you cancel at the time of arrival, a $50 fee will be charged to your account.

Your Home

If you are not going to be home, Strategic Cleaning by Anne needs to be provided with a way to enter your home. If we arrive to clean and there is no way to enter, a lock out fee of $50 will be charged to your account.


Our employees take the utmost care in cleaning, however, if one of our employees accidentally breaks an item, a note will be left for you. We will then contact you to find out the value of the item, and compensate you.


We require a cell phone number or office phone number to call you in case of emergency. Our normal communication with you will be in writing. A note or check off sheet will summarize our services and any unusual issues we encountered while cleaning your home. If you have any questions, please call our office immediately.


We guarantee our service. If something was not done up to par, please contact us within 24 hours. We will inspect the issue and make sure it is rectified. If it can wait, please contact me or leave the cleaning crew a note highlighting what you would like done. We want to make sure we do everything you want.

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