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Our Housecleaning Referral Program

Anytime one of our clients recommends our housecleaning services to their friends or family, we are honored.

For you to take the time to tell your friends or neighbors that they should use our service is a great compliment that we truly appreciate.

I normally don't make a big deal out of this program when I bring on new clients, as the most important issue in my mind is to make sure we accomplish our goal of cleaning your home to your specifications.  Many times, we have received referrals, and our client didn't even know we had a program!  But I think that makes this program even better.  I feel honored that you referred us just to help your friend, and I think it is great to receive such a nice surprise for our clients!

And that is why this referral program has been structured to be straightforward and hopefully show our thanks to you. Whenever you recommend us and we clean house for that new person, you will receive 25% off your next cleaning!

We don't have to clean your friends house 5 times for you to get the discount.  We just have to clean their house once.  This is what I mean by being straightforward.

So here is how it works:  If you recommend us to someone, make sure they tell me when they contact me.  I try to remember to ask people how they found us, but sometimes, I don't.  So it is very important that you tell your friend to make sure they mentioned that you referred them to me.  Of course, you can tell me that you referred a friend to me too.

Next, I will meet your friend at her home and go through the normal process of learning about his or her cleaning needs.  If this results in our cleaning their home - even just once - you will receive the 25% discount on your next cleaning, as our thanks.

So in a nutshell, here's the deal: If you are one of our current clients, which means you are on the schedule at least once every month or more - and you recommend our services to a person in a different household - and that person agrees to use our cleaning service at least once (with a two hour minimum clean) - we will take 25% off your next cleaning.

I hope this streamlined approach makes good sense to everyone. Click here to ask a question about our housecleaning referral program.

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